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Wedding Planning Tips for Covid-19

Couples around the world are experiencing the ever evolving scenarios of Covid-19. 

Wedding retailers nationwide are quickly reacting to the rapidly updated information in aid of taking action to help prevent the spread of the virus and practice social distancing.



Before making any final decisions speak with your partner to discuss if the same factors that were discussed in the beginning are still as equally as important.

Such as the wedding count: Can you guys scale back on the list by prioritizing your guests list in categories by whats most important.

Date choice: Does your wedding date have a special meaning or was it the first date the venue had available that finalized your decision

Getting flexible with your date without compromising its sentimental value could be a life saver.

Venue Selection: Was your venue chosen based on the character that suites your personalities,  the location (part of the city etc)  Convenience (First to have an available date etc..) or price point?

Pinpoint the key factors that sold you on your choice for  this venue.

Whether you and your partner are quarantined together or across the country, communication is your number one selling point to a successful ending.

Keep in mind that your current position to reconstruct your wedding is all based on your perspective.


Calendar Shift

This is especially important if planning your wedding on your own to communicate  accordingly with your vendors to make sure that the new time and or date works for them.

Stay patient and remember everyone is in this together.

Ask about your venues postponement policies and check your wedding insurance policy to see what will be covered (If applicable).


Bridal Gown shopping Alternatives

Narrow down your price point and top dress designers. Call around to local Bridal boutiques to see if they have the designer and price point your seeking.

This will help on your scavenger hunt once restrictions have been lifted to easily set minimal dress fittings.


Wedding Bands

Due to many jewelers remaining closed to groups, you can still speak with your jeweler about how you’d like your band to rest against your engagement ring or how you’d like your partners ring to look. 

Inquire if your jeweler has a digital option to allow real life stimulation of ring size and shape if your designing your ring. Check sites that allow you to see how your rings pair together.



During this nation wide rest time , you could take advantage of sitting down with your partner to go over your registry.

Peruse retailers online shopping options from the comfort of your home. Stores like Target

Zola , Crate and Barrel and many other stores have certain perks available for your benefit.

Most times you can find items online that are not carried in stores, so it’s a win win!!   



Re-imagining the dream might be the best part of this experience.

There are many options to re-directing your wedding plans, the key is to stay open and optimistic.

Giving up the idea of what you thought it would have been and accepting your new reality will make the possible adjustments easier to cope with.


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