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Wedding Plus-One Etiquette Rules

Etiquette for extending a plus one to your Wedding



A common question is, "Is it rude not to extend a plus one to all of your guests?

Guest list can get a bit tricky when you're wanting to stay within a budget. Some people will only extend an invite to their married family and friends OR if they have been exclusively dating for an extended time. If you can afford it, then by all means, invite all of your guests with a plus-one.

however, if you are trying to cut costs then inviting only your close friends and family may be your best bet.

Here are a few things to consider if you're boggled with this thought.

1. The length of time your family/friend has been dating their significant other.

2.Have you ever seen this person before or is this someone they have only had in social settings with other friends. (Have they made it to the "Meet the parents phase").

3. Is that person a real prospect to your loved one or are they merely "a good look"

4. Are they confrontational? ( the last thing you want is to have an altercation break out on your special day.


Be kind to the Singles

Draft a seating chart that fosters a comfortable space for your solo guests. Get strategic about placement to make for easy conversation and less awkwardness. As an example: Placing solos next to an overly affectionate couple or a much older couple may make for a boring night, instead place them with guests that have out going

personalities or folks they may be familiar with.

Do Bridesmaids and Groomsmen get a plus one

Allowing for your wedding party to have a plus one is a PLUS! You want your best friends and family to have a blast and having a plus one just may make or break their night. Think about how much effort they've made to be apart of your special day and all of the money they've spent on your behalf.

I'd say that was definitely worth a plus one, it's kind of another way of saying "Thank you" for being apart of my special day.

Are kids considered a plus one

If kids are apart of the wedding party then obviously they would naturally stay for all festivities. The question is, when your friends or family want to bring their new born or their toddler fresh in the terrible 2 stage. Truth is most kids are not in tune with the logistics of a wedding and if they are pretty young you have to consider temper tantrums taking place during your vows or during your first dance. Not to mention if you're wanting to stay with in a set budget, this could be something you might want to pass on primarily to save on food as catering is estimated at 25-30% of your costs.

How to say NO

Guests that will not be allotted a plus one need to be told in a kind yet firm manner. Although it may be a hard conversation to have, It is important that you stand firm in your No!

You can respond something similar as such: "We would love for you to bring a guest, but we want this to be an intimate affair".


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