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Tips for Fall & Winter Weddings

Fall AND Winter weddings can be magical and having insight on the inevitable can make the process much more smooth.



-A faux fur coat can add the perfect touch to your glittery garment.

What to wear:

-An elegant cardigan or shawl can also go along way.

-Thick tights under the dress ( as long as your dress is long enough) and fluffy enough

Bridesmaids can try this tip as well

-A long sleeve wedding dress is always a classic touch!

Groomsmen may tend to allow their inner Hulk to shine through during inclement weather but that's why we're here!

Pairing a Velvet vest for extra warmth

Also adding a neck scarf not only provides them warmth but it adds an extra styling touch .



See if your season fits your venue. A nice outdoor wedding on a farm may look beautiful in the Fall with all of the beautiful color changes and leaves falling, however not so much in the winter.

Were as a Mountain wedding would look gorgeous in the mountains, overlooking hills of snow, tall trees etc..

Before selecting your venue, take into account the vision you had for you special day and see if it fits.



Don’t forget about your squad! They will all be freezing right along with you, so have shawls

handy just in case the weather decides to do it's own thing.

Choosing Bridesmaids dresses that don't have a high split to prevent the draft from the winds, will allow them to wear thick tights under their dress.



Have comfy and warm socks and shoes on deck because your toes will likely have become ice sickles by the end of cocktail hour.

(Try sticking a few hand warmers in fuzzy socks to warm them up a bit first)



Rain doesn't always have to be looked at as a bad thing. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Rain can add a different dynamic to your photos that can give a commercial look.

So, in the face of rain make sure to have a few nice umbrellas handy to get a few snap shots outside.

(Note: shoot in the Rain not a Thunderstorm)



Allow extra travel time in the event of inclement weather because you want to remember that the weather varies greatly based on which part of the country you're in. So try to book one venue for the ceremony and Reception as you don’t want your guest fighting Ice burgs to get to the next location in the event of a snow storm.

(Don’t take distance for granted in this scenario)


Coat Check:

Whether your wedding is outside or inside, It’s likely necessary to have a designated coat Check for guest that want to stay toasty during the ceremony or getting in and out of the car.

(Give someone duty over this area to keep area secure).


Guest warm:

Offer Hot chocolate or Hot tea along with the cocktail.

(Note: Alcohol can be added to these beverages)



Due to Daylight Savings time, It gets dark early in the fall and winter months, so schedule pictures early to capture your photos before the sunset.

(Check with your photographer to get advice on timing for pictures.)



There are many Pros and Cons to having a Wedding during the Fall and Winter, like typical weather changes and lots of seasonally-inspired décor Or Increase in pricing due to holidays and Daylight savings times that may alter picture taking.

The main thing to remember is that every season is an amazing time to say "I-DO" !!


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