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How to write Vows for your Wedding

Vows can be a struggle to construct, and not because there aren’t several amazing things to say about your partner, but because it can sometimes be a challenge to wrap all of those great attributes into a few words and/or put on paper.

Continue reading if you could use a few pointers!



How To Start


Start with a statement of who this person is to you


*Who is this person to you or for you?

- Comforter, Motivator, Listener,Protector etc..

Example Text:

(Name)... You have been apart of my fan club from day one. You showed me what it means to depend on myself. You taught me how to love. You allowed me to open up in a way that I've never seen.



Continue by stating what you love about your partner


*What do you Love about the person

-Funny,Business focused, Family oriented, Spontaneous.

Example Text:

(Name)... Your genuine personality has shown me what true authenticity really looks like and your adventurous nature has expanded my mind to new height.



Use a story to bring this love to life


*What moments can you turn into a quick story to magnify their strong suites?

-The time they took care of a family member, passed an exam, took a leap of Faith etc....

Example Text:

(Name)... Your determination in reaching your goals has pushed me further than I could have ever imagined I could be.

Witnessing the love you have shown your family has shifted my perspective on family values.



Lastly, lay out what you are promising to your spouse.


*What are you committed to providing for your future spouse?

-Loyalty, Honesty, Communication, Help mate, Warm meals etc...

Example Text:

(Name)... I will always stand by your side and my affection will be forever lasting as we grow old together.


In Conclusion

The key to writing Wedding Vows are to write from the heart.

The more genuine your words are, the more heartfelt they will be to your future spouse!


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