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How to dress for a Spring or Summer wedding

Many people wonder what they should wear to a wedding. Although choosing outfits for an event can be fun, It can also be daunting especially if the wedding is themed or if the bride and groom are very particular.

Here are a few steps you can take to narrow down the perfect outfit. Let's get into it


What to wear for a Spring/Summer wedding?

Follow the color scheme

First thing you might want to do is find out the color scheme of the wedding. This way you can try to wear complimentary colors to the bridesmaids and/or groomsmen. Example: If the color scheme is grey and peach, you might want to go with a nice coral, baby pink, navy blue etc.. These colors will compliment the weddings color scheme well.


Black Tie Affair

If the wedding is a black tie you want to go for something a bit more (Fancy Shmancy) like formal attire, this could be a tuxedo for men or a formal long/short dress for the ladies. Spaghetti straps or droop back dresses are perfect for the warm weather. Sequence is a nice touch for weddings and if your not a bling type of person satin can still give you that Vogue/Regal look your going for. Keep in mind that you don't have to be a fancy person to wear sequin or satin, go for what looks best on you and don,t think so hard about it!


Semi formal

This type of attire can be a little confusing for some because it's a toss of Wam Bam Thank you ma'am and an after hours Office gathering. So, "what is in between" you ask? First thing, is that you don't usually have to o shopping for anything because in most cases for semi formal you can dress up something that super casual by adding a jeweled necklace and fly pair of shoes.

A nice option would be a mid length half off shoulder dress and a solid colored mid length flowy dress. One of the best parts about it, is that, you can play with so many prints and patterns that you wouldn't likely be as comfortable trying if it wasn't a semi formal event. One great thing about Semi formal is that you have more shoe choices, anything from flats to wedges to traditional pumps.


Is All white okay for a wedding?

Well, while some might think this is an obvious NO! in actuality some brides don't mind seeing there guest in white, as long as their not showing up in a Cinderella ball gown of course! The proper etiquette would be to ask the bride her preference if you must wear all white.



The best way to find the perfect outfit is to pre-plan, planning never fails you.

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