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TOP 5 Bachelorette Party Ideas

Is your mind boggled from trying to figure out the best Bachelorette Party ideas for you and your girls?

Well look no further!

Note: This article may contain some explicit content

Naughty Night

Have a party hosted by a Pleasure Consultant and learn all the tips and tricks on the latest Moves and Toys to attach. Your host will come out, display a few of the latest pleasure gadgets as she/he explains the body and how each item should/could be used.

Blush with your Besties as you learn some new tricks from your party host to take back to Bae!

Let this traditional experience become a magical moment to remember!

Little Lingerie

Host a party where all of the guest wear their favorite OR most comfortable teddy as everyone showers the Bride-to-be with sexy lingerie.

This can even be turned into a game! All of the lingerie pieces can be put into a bag and the bride has to pull each piece from the bag and guess who bought it. Add a few gag gifts in the mix to add a little more humor.

For every wrong guess, Bride has to take a shot or do something silly. (Drink responsibly)


* Walk up to a stranger and do jumping jacks in a circle around the person.

* Jump rope around in a busy parking lot etc..

Serve a signature cocktail drink and give it a cute name and don't forget the snacks!

Funny Food

Serve only foods related to pleasure

Get clever and Create Games!

Examples: Each person gets on there knees with there hands behind their backs while another person stands in front of you holding the fruit pictured below. The object will be for you to be the first one to eat it as fast as possible and swallow!

Bachelorette Brunch

Your Bachelorette party doesn't have to be at night, who made that rule up anyway!

Choose a cute theme for your day out with your besties and step out like Beyonce at the Met Gala

Ooooooor Kim Kardashian on her way to the grocery store!!!!

Whichever you prefer. Just make sure you pre-arrange for those reservations!


You could always Host in the comfort of your own home, having it catered or put your chef hat on!


Arrange a spa day for you and your guest.

Get pampered with Feet massages, Back massages, Facials, Waxing and more. This is a great option if you want family members to be apart of your day.

Also throw in a nice goody bag for everyone filled with (slippers, lip balm, hand cream etc..)


The thing you want to remember most about this special day is that, a Bachelorette Party is ALL about having a good time!

So get creative and have a great night OR Day!!


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